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transaction with our company

For rental and travel agents — especially if you are managing a team — SafeTRent offers you a free and highly effective business tool for complete oversight of your home rental transactions.
Expand your business
Increase the number of rent homes you rent and boost your commissions. You maintain control of how and when the security deposit is refunded to the customer. We can make all the payments so you have more time to focus on new business.
Protect your clients and your brand
SafeTRent ensures you are providing your clients an excellent product by transacting with landlords who do business with integrity. Display the SafeTRent shield on your website to demonstrate the trust and transparency of your brand.
Same Day Commissions
You get paid the same day as the owner. SafeTRent automatically releases the payments the day after the renter arrives -- on time, every time.
Payment Options
Offer your customers the option to pay with online bank account. It's fast and adds value to your service proposal.
No fees to you
SafeTRent services are completely free to you!
Our team is here to help
If a dispute does arise, we will help you quickly and professionally resolve disagreements.

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It's easy as 1-2-3

SafeTRent securely holds your rental payments and security deposits in a neutral account until you arrive to the property.
SafeTRent gives you peace of mind when renting a property you've never seen, from someone you've never met. Your money is released to the landlord the day after your rental starts, giving you the chance to arrive and verify the property.
SafeTRent accepts online bank account for your rental payments and security deposits. Earn credit card miles paying for your rental- it's fast and easy with our online system!
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