For rental and travel agents — especially if you are managing a team — SafeTRent offers you a free and highly effective business tool for complete oversight of your home rental transactions.

Why SafeTRent?

Have you ever worried about sending money to someone you've never met for a property you've never seen? Have you ever wondered how many potential rentals you have lost due to uncertainty about paying in advance online?
Whether you are renting a home or moving across country, more and more rental transactions are happening entirely online. Until now, there has not been a standard business practice for securely managing the way payments are made – from start to finish and for all parties involved.
SafeTRent has created an easy, secure service to collect and hold payments until the rental begins so that all parties have peace of mind and are protected from fraud. It's smart, simple and safe – the new way to rent.

The Essentials

SafeTRent takes the mystery out of renting online by providing a smart solution to one of the biggest issues – the dilemma of renting and paying in advance without seeing the property or meeting the owner. Wouldn't you feel you've made a smart decision if your money is held in a neutral account until you arrive to the property?
Our online payment service does just that. We hold the money for you, and most significantly, give both parties the ability to monitor the money once it is paid. That level of transparency is a smart way to do business.
SafeTRent makes receiving and disbursing rental payments simple with our easy to use online service that you can access anytime and anywhere. We have streamlined the rental transaction and communication between parties regarding payments and deposits.
Once the account is open, our email notification system will remind you of all the important dates and required actions. Keep the rental process simple and have more time to build business.
SafeTRent offers the highest level of security for online rentals and payments by holding the deposited funds in one of the world's largest banks, JP Morgan Chase, until the designated pay out date. SafeTRent is secured with an unequaled anti-fraud policy through J.P. Morgan Chase, a Fidelity policy with Travelers Insurance and an Errors and Omissions policy with Lloyds of London. We take the job of guarding your money very seriously.
We are committed to keeping all personal financial data absolutely secure in our encrypted system – we will never share that information with anyone and our Privacy Policy is Trustee certified.
You can access your account anytime and view the balance. Our commitment to safeguard your online financial transactions gives you the essential peace of mind to rent and relax!