If you're a homeowner or a property manager, SafeTRent is an effective business tool to manage all your transactions and finances--anytime, anywhere. It's smart, simple, safe and free to you.
Increase your bookings
SafeTRent is a symbol of quality and transparency. When your listing shows that you use SafeTRent it tells renters that you stand behind your property and good business practices.
Accept online bank account
You don't have to set up a merchant account. With SafeTRent, you can online payments, without hassle, and every transaction is free of charge to you!
Simplify your payment process
With our e-dashboard, you can access and manage your rental payments and security deposits online, at a glance, anytime, anywhere.
Maintain your terms and conditions
Your existing rental agreement stays in effect, including the terms and conditions of your cancellation policy.
It's free to you!
While the benefits are fantastic, using SafeTRent is free to you!
Let us help you settle disagreements
Sometimes things don't go according to plan. If this happens, as a neutral third party, SafeTRent will help you quickly and professionally resolve disagreements.

Watch how to protect your rent
transaction with our company

It's easy as 1-2-3

SafeTRent securely holds your rental payments and security deposits in a neutral account until you arrive to the property.
SafeTRent gives you peace of mind when renting a property you've never seen, from someone you've never met. Your money is released to the landlord the day after your rental starts, giving you the chance to arrive and verify the property.
SafeTRent accepts online bank account for your rental payments and security deposits. Earn credit card miles paying for your rental- it's fast and easy with our online system!
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